International Volunteering

IFAID Aquitaine aims to promote the commitment of volunteers as well as those of our partners from the Aquitaine Region involved in international solidarity actions.

For the Volunteers, the experience is an important step in assuring his competence development, whether personal (how to be) or professional (how to know), which are assigned to a cooperation project.They have a french legal status that recognize their rights.

For our partners from the Aquitaine Region - organization, local authorities, training institute - volunteering should able them to develop their cooperation actions with the South in giving them an enduring presence.

IFAID Aquitaine works on two french Volunteerism' scheme :

  • The Volunteering for Solidarity Actions. IFAID Aquitaine is duly accredited by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in sending volunteers ( french law n° 2005-159 from februar 23rd 2005).
  • The Solidarity Actions Leave.  IFAID Aquitaine supports his partner in project stucturing, volunteer's training and accompaniment.